Best Time To Divide And Transplant Astilbe Plants

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When is it the best time to break up my astilbies. They are getting very big.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · The best time to divide astilbe is either in the spring or the fall, when temperatures are cool and excessive heat won’t place unnecessary stress on divisions while they’re still getting established. When you dig up the plants leave as much room from the base of the plant as possible so as to cause as little damage to the roots as possible. It’s better to have too much dirt, which can easily be knocked off, than not enough root. Place the plant on a tarp or other protective surface. Using a clean, sharp knife, cut the plant into sections, being sure to leave enough root matter to support the foliage in each division. For very large or woody astilbe, you may want to use a handsaw instead. After dividing, plant your divisions as soon as possible, keeping them well-watered until they've reestablished themselves. Hope this info helped.)

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