How To Prune & Propagate Copperleaf Plant / Acalypha?

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How do I get my gorgeous copperleaf to fill out? It is growing straight up and I would like to propagate this plant.

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There's two plants I know of that go by the common name of "Copperleaf Plant." One is of the genus Alcalypha and the other of the genus Codiaeum (you see this one growing as a tropical shrub all over south Florida). Both are annual/ tropical foliage plants above zone 9 in the US. Do you know which one yours is? If so, I can give you specific pruning and propagation instruction.

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · I'm thinking that what you have is an Acalypha wilkesiana. Here's the Plant File for it:

In you're zone it is a year round shrub/ bush. Where I'm at in Georgia we use it in container plantings and warm season flower beds as an annual.

To get the plant to fill out you can definitely pinch the tops.

To propagate the Copperleaf Plant follow these instructions:

In your area, you can propagate Copperleaf by taking stem cuttings any time of year.

1 - Take 3-4" long side shoots with a ‘heel’. This means when you take the cutting take a sliver of the parent stem.

2 - Then dip the cutting in hormone rooting powder and plant in individual small pots, maybe 3" diameter or so, containing an equal parts mixture of peat and coarse sand.

3 - Cover with a polythene bag and keep at 70 degrees F. Remove the bag when new growth appears. Using bottom heat also helps.

4 - Pot into 4" pots filled with a premium potting mix when cuttings are about 1' tall. When they've rooted well you can transplant them to garden beds.

Hope this info helped.)

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Answer #1 · Roseann Wolf's Answer · Brent,

Thank you for your response to my question. I am not sure which it is, but I live in zone 10A (Fort Myers to Naples FL) I bought it at a Lowes and had to find one in someone's yard. She says she pinches the top to make the "bush" leaf out at lower sections, but I can't remember whether she said she used "rootatone" or just stuck it in water. The leaf is thin and none glossy. I am an avid gardener and hate to lose any cuttings. I've even grown a pineapple from the cut tops. It was as sweet as sugar...

Please do your "thing" and give me an answer!
Roseann "Sam" Wolf)

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