Are Dogwood Berries / Fruit Poisonous To Humans?

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One web site indicates that the fruit of Stellar Pink Dogwood is poisonous to humans while many others say the fruit is quite tasty. Which statement is true?


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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · I'm not a doctor, but a nurseryman. We've sold and planted dogwood trees for years and landscapes and natural areas are full of them. If dogwood berries were highly toxic or poisonous to humans or pets I would have heard something about it over my 30 years experience in the field. I've seen people eat dogwood berries before - never a large quantity - and none have experienced any problems. I ate a berry or two once and it was kind of grainy and not very tasty. Not sure what would happen if someone ingested large amounts of the berries? Might be like anything else...too much of any food or liquid, even water, can be dangerous if too much is ingested. And to people who might be allergic to a food or substance, just a small amount could cause problems. So, the first time I tried a new food, I would always eat a very small amount as a test. Regarding dogwood berries, I didn't like the taste or texture so won't be eating them again...unless I just had to. Will stick with grapes and other berries and fruits. One berry I really like is the Service Berry (Amelanchier). They taste great!)

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Answer #2 · Bill Vitez's Answer · Thanks Brent! I do not intend to eat the dogwood berries, but I did not want them around if I had confirmation that they are poisonous.)

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I know what you mean. We have grand kids and our little chihuahuas playing outside in the yard all the time and are very careful not to plant anything poisonous. That means no Datura (Angels Trumpet) for sure. But we have several dogwoods in the yard:-) I think you can rest assured...have a good one!

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