Fig Tree Winterization

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I Live in Long Island NY and have a mature fig tree (20YO) which is about 25 foot in diameter. Needless to say wrapping it for the winter is a major chore. Does a mature fig tree still need to be protected?

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Most of the fig trees I'm familiar with are right on the border of hardiness in USDA Hardiness Zone 7...what you are in there on Long Island. Even where I'm at here in Zone 8a of mid-Georgia figs often get damaged by severe cold weather. That being said, if your fig tree has survived the last 20 years of winters in Long Island, it could be a hardier variety/ cultivar that I'm not familiar with. There's definitely something special about it:-) I know the 'Black Mission' Fig is listed as hardy to Zone 7a. If your tree is growing where it is sheltered from the winter winds this can help as well. You're right about it being difficult to wrap a 25 foot tree. What I would suggest doing is what we do at the nursery I work at, and what orange and peach farmers do here in the South when severe cold weather is forecast. If the forecast calls for exceptionally cold weather over night, water the tree down if possible. This means water all the branches so an ice sheath will form around them. Also deeply water the around the root system of the tree. This way, the tree will be insulated at 32 degrees or so...a temperature the tree can easily tolerate. Outside of wrapping, or burning fires (which is difficult to do in populated areas) watering is the only other method of protection I know of.

Hope this helped and good luck with your tree.)

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