Best Time To Plant And How To Root Aucuba

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What time of the year do you plant Gold Dust Aucuba? We live in North Alabama. Also, is it okay to root them from the cut stems and plant those?

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The best time of year to plant an Aucuba is during the Fall season, however, can be planted year round. If planted in the Fall the roots will have Fall, Winter, and Spring to root in, and this will minimize watering the following Summer.

Aucuba is very easily propagated from cuttings and from seed when available. Cuttings taken in the spring and treated with a rooting hormone should root in about 3 weeks.. Rooting Hormone Powder can be purchased at your local independent Garden Center Take the cutting and remove the bottom leaves, leaving a few leaves at the top. Plant the treated cutting in a small pot with a professional grade of potting mix. It should root in within a month or two. Cuttings placed in water will root in 2-3 weeks. Once rooted, the cutting can be planted in the landscape.

Hope this helps you!

Brooks Wilson)

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