How to stop bluebirds from pecking on car mirrors

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Ive put up several bluebirds houses around my home. Bluebirds are living in them right now. The bluebirds that are living nearest to my driveway keep pecking at the side mirrows on my truck. Im afraid they are going to hurt themselves and they poop all over the side of my truck. Why do they do this and how can I get them to stop?

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Years ago, we had this very same problem at our nursery. We put up bluebird houses near where our customers parked their cars. The bluebirds would attack the mirrors of cars and poop all over the side doors. 
I looked into and found out that male bliuebirds are very territorial. They peck in the mirror because they think their reflection is another bluebird invading their territory. 
It doesn't make sense to park your truck elsewhere or to cover the mirrors, so, the best thing you can do to stop the problem is move the bluebird house to another location on your property, away from where you park your truck or other vehicles. If the birds have eggs in the nest or are raising their young, wait until the babies have left the nest before moving the bird house. Maybe cover your mirror with a cloth in the meantime?
Hope this info helped.

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