Best Type Of Lawn Grass For Georgia

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What is the best type of lawn for Mcdonough ga?

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This is a good question. Basically, you have two categories of lawn grasses that can be grown in Georgia: WARM season lawn grasses and COOL season lawn grasses.

Warm season lawn grasses, such as Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Zoysia, are those which actively grow and remain green from spring to through fall, going dormant for winter after a couple frosts have occurred. Most of these grasses are best for growing in full sun. St. Augustine tolerates more shade than the others though a new variety of Zoysia called "Zeon" has shown good tolerance to part shade.

Cool season grasses, such as Fescue and Bluegrass, are those which perform best from fall through spring, actively growing during this time. They don't go dormant during summer, but heat and dry weather slows their growth down and often thins out the turf (especially if they are mowed to low), requiring overseeding each fall or spring.

Unless you have shade, I would suggest going with one of the warm season grasses.

Bermuda grass is the best choice if there will be a lot of foot traffic on the lawn. That's why Bermuda is what is most often used on golf course fairways and athletic fields. During the active growth season, it grows quickly, both horizontally and vertically, and will require frequent mowing and edging. Bermuda can be planted from seed or sod. If you go with seed, make sure it's a "turf-type" Bermuda grass and not Common Bermuda, which is primarily used in pastures.

Centipede grass is known as the "Lazy Man's Grass" because it requires about half the mowing and edging as does Bermuda. Because Centipede prefers an acidic soil, and Georgia clay-based soils are usually acidic, it doesn't require lime to sweeten the soil as do all the other warm season grasses. It also isn't as heavy a feeder as other grasses so requires less fertilization. It is the best of the bunch at choking out weeds as well. I usually recommend it for larger lawns because it is lower maintenance and can be grown from seed. It is also available in sod form.

St. Augustine grass tolerates more shade than the other warm season grasses but will also grow in full sun. This is the grass you see growing all over Florida; very thick and dense. "Palmetto" is a newer strain that is lower growing than other varieties. St. Augustine is only available in sod form so you can't plant it from seed.

Zoysia grass is known as "The Cadillac of Grasses." They grow very dense. There are many varieties of Zoysia but I'm hearing these days that "Zeon" is the favorite. Zoysia grass is only available in sod. It's more expensive than the other grasses so I usually recommend it for smaller lawns.

Here's a link to a good article that can help you decide which type of lawn grass is best for your yard, and that fits your needs:

Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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