Is Purple Pixie Loropetalum Shrub Toxic To Pets

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Is the above shrub poisonous to pets?

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2 Answers

Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Betty-Purple Pixie Loropetalum (Loropetalum Chinense) is not listed as a poisonous plant on the FDA or the ASPCA Lists of poisonous plants for humans and animals. There are some plants within the Hamamelidaceae family such as the Common Witchazel that may cause constipation, vomiting, and nausea if ingested. This would of course vary with the animal and amount taken. There are more plants in our gardens that can be toxic than most of us realize, such as the hibiscus, hydrangea, dianthus, and many more. Most can cause simptoms as I noted, but most are not fatal. I had just planted a loropetalum last year and it was not a plant that attracted my yellow lab in any way. She was one that liked to smell and test all the plants leaves, but never paid this plant any attention. I read an article regarding planting around dog runs and areas where dogs are present much of the time. The Loropetalum was one of the plants that was recommended as they do not break easily and they can recover fairly well if they are damaged. The animals health in this article was of great importance and listed the ASPCA list of plants that could be searched. I don't believe you will have any problem with this plant near your pet unless she or he is like my neighbors dog. Willie eats anything that does not move in the garden. In this case the only thing you might be careful of is watching were you step. The Fringe Flowers and purple foliage are beautiful and a plant I am glad I became interested in last summer. Hope this helps you-John)

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Hi Betty,

We've been selling thousands of Purple Pixie Loropetalum a year at our nursery and garden center since the plant first hit the market several years ago. We've also been growing it in our own landscapes. My dogs have never eaten it but I would think that if it were toxic to pets I would've heard something about it by now. Have yet to get a single report on any animal being harmed by any variety of loropetalum. That being said, I've heard it's toxic to goats.

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