How To Move And Transplant A Crape Myrtle?

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I have Crepe Myrtle tree in the backyard around 10 ft (probably 4 - 5 years old) which I just pruned following the the article here on the website. This tree is way at the back and is getting covered by bigger trees around it. Is it possible to relocate this tree elsewhere in the backyard safely without harming it? If so, when should this be done? Is this time of the year appropriate?


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Answer #1 · Brent Wilson's Answer · Sounds like a fairly large crape myrtle tree. Crape Myrtle do transplant well. The larger the tree, the more important it will be to dig as large a root ball as possible, in order to keep as many roots intact as possible.

Timing is important. You want to transplant crape myrtle while the tree is dormant, preferably during the late winter. It's March now, and if you're in Zone 7b the tree should still be dormant so you could go ahead and relocate it now. Have the hole in the new location pre-dug so you can quickly transplant it. After transplanting water the tree with a solution of Root Stimulator.

Since you've already pruned it according to the instructions you found here in Gardenality, further pruning won't be necessary. Otherwise, depending on the type of plant or tree, I usually recommend removing at least a quarter of a plants foliage when moving and relocating a shrub or tree.

Here's an article on Gardenality with more details and tips about transplanting shrubs or trees:

Hope this info helped.

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Ninad Kandekar

Ninad Kandekar · Gardenality Sprout · Zone 7B · 5° to 10° F
Thank you for the quick response. I'll definitely follow your instructions.

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