Can Crape Myrtles Be Transplanted?

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I have a crepe myrtle that I'd like to remove from its current spot but would like to be able to use it elsewhere in the yard. I don't know how old it is but would guess that its at least ten years old, maybe much older. It is about 7 feet tall. How large do the root systems get and how successful would a transplant be? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Larry Papkin

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Larry,

Yes, crape myrtle can be transplanted. This would need to be done while the tree is still dormant during late winter; when there's no leaves or swelling leaf buds on the branches. The root systems on an older tree are fairly extensive. It's important when digging the tree to get as many roots as possible. You'll also want to prune the tree before transplanting it. Pruning away some of the branches will compensate for any roots that were cut off or damaged during the digging and transplant process.

A Gardenality member asked this same question just a few days ago and I provided an answer. Here's the link to the question:

Here's a link for how to prune a crape myrtle that might also be helpful:

Regarding how successful the transplant would be, it's hard to say. If a good amount of the root system is intact, and you prune, it should survive. But you never know. There's always a risk when transplanting older, large shrubs and trees.

Here's another link to an article about transplanting a shrub or tree:

Hope this info is helpful,

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Answer #2 · Larry Papkin's Answer · Thanks for the quick response and the good information. Luckily, I recently pruned the crepe myrtle I want to transplant so the timing is perfect. I'll give it a try.)

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