How To Keep Deer From Eating My Garden

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We have a terrible time with deer eating everything we plant. EVERYTHING!!!!! Last year they ate our entire vegetable garden including pulling the green tomatoes off the plant. Though they did not eat the green tomatoes they made sure we didn't get any. Please help. We want to plant another garden but if we can't stop the deer from eating it up there is no reason to plant. They also eat our mulberry trees, blueberry bushes, trumpet vines, roses and the list goes on and on.

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Answer #3 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Tammy-Brent and Brooks are very aquainted with deer in their areas and have had a lot of experience protecting their own properties and helping others. I don't have problems with deer where I live, but the raccoons here are a real problem. They don't eat the plants, but tear them out of the ground digging for worms and grubs. They had done unbelievable damage many times in my gardens besides entering the house through the dog door to munch on my dogs food and anything left out in the kitchen. I purchased a few of the Scarecrow movement sensing sprinklers and Its now been a few years since I have seen a raccoon in my yard. The Scarecrow is said to be as effective on other animals including deer. May be another alternative in keeping the deer out of your gardens. I noted the links to the article on the Raccoon deterent sprinkler in Gardenality and the Sprinkler's manufacturer's site below. Just click on them to go directly to the article and site.

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Hi Tammy,

I've been using Milorganite fertilizer on all of my flowering plants and shrubs. The deer avoid the plants once Milorganite is applied. Milorganite is a great fertilizer as well. I apply the Milorganite about every six weeks. Milorganite is non-burning so if you want to put it a little heavy it's of no worry.

I've heard of people broadcasting Milorganite around the outer perimeter of their vege garden. From what they say it works quite well. Many actually use it as a fertilizer in the garden. Milorganite is made from sewer sludge. It goes through a process to kill off harmful bacteria, and comes in a pelletized form in a 36 lb. bag. The Chinese have been using it for years and years, and now many Americans are using it.

For a great article on Milorganite go here: ( The article is here on )

Brooks Wilson)

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Tammy,

This is a very good question...and, I feel your pain. Deer live in the woods on both sides of my property. We even have one of those "Deer Crossing" signs along the roadside not 50 feet from our driveway. We've had problems growing both ornamental plants and trees as well as vegetables. In order to grow a vegetable garden we fenced in our entire backyard and put the garden inside the fenced area. A fence definitely works...even a temporary one made out of chicken wire. There are also some homemade remedies that work quite well to repel deer. Here's a link to an article that provides a good recipe and other methods.

As for ornamental plants and trees, which are more permanent fixtures in the landscape (unless the deer eat them!), it's best to stick with species of plants that deer don't like. Here's a link to an article that provides quite an extensive list of plants that deer don't usually like to munch on. Unfortunately, roses, indian hawthorne, hosta lily, and many other desirable plants aren't on the list. But you can always try the homemade deer repellent remedies or Liquid Fence around your roses.

Hope this info helps,

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