Will Canna Lilies Grow In Part Shade?

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I have cannas with dark red/purple leaves, the blooms are red. They have been growing beautifully in full sun. Will they grow in part shade where the woods start?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Janine-Cannas do prefer full sun, but do alright in partial shade. Many publications suggest planting canna lilies in partial shade if the climate tends to be warmer. You being in a USDA zone that can get quit warn in the summer would fall within this suggestion. As long as they are planted in light shade they should do fine. Aside from full sun at least 3 to 4 hours of direct sun would be best. Morning sun would be more preferable in warm climates. Most varieties will grow fine in light or partial shade, but have a tendency not to bloom as abundantly as in full sun.)

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Answer #2 · Janine Wells's Answer · Thank you so much , John! I'll set some of the wandering shoots in the partial shade & see how they fair.)

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Maple Tree

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Janine- Your very welcome. Now through April should be a good time to put your new cannas out as long as you feel any heavy frost is over for your area. Take Care

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