Norfolk Island Pine Dry, Curled

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I inherited a Norfolk Island Pine from a friend who wasn't watering it regularly. It seems to be pretty dry, it's not soft and flexible like they should be. It also has curled in and downward some at the ends of the branches. I've been watering it like crazy over the last few days, trying to get some life back into it. It's still green, not yellow or brown yet. Is there any hope for this plant or is it already dead?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Teddi-The condition your plant is showing can be caused by too much or not enough water. Plants that are root bound can also suffer causing both these problems. It sounds as though the drying of limbs has been caused by to little water. There really isn't much you can do but keep the plant moist, not wet, and in plenty of sunlight. Pruning the tips of the limbs or removing whole damaged limbs can be done, but the Norfolk Island pine will not regrow these tips or another limb to replace the damaged or removed ones. Depending on the size of the tree and the amount of damage will determine wheather its appearance is stil pleasing enough for you keep. It may stil survive if the watering was done soon enough. If the tree doesn't show any browning of the foliage yet it is hopeful most of the tree can survive. You can scratch small areas of the outer layer of bark along the limbs and trunk with your fingernail or knife. If the layer under the bark looks green those area of the tree are stil alive. Again, make sure the plant is not overwatered now and that its pot has good drainage holes in the bottom. If the pot is sitting in a tray make sure to empty the tray of any standing water.

Teddi-I noted you had posted your Question under answers to Ursula's question of her pine awhile back. I made this same comment under your question there also if you were wondering if it had been replied to. Hope my answer helps.

I have noted the link to answers regarding the other question on wilting and drying of Norfolk Island Pine. Those answers may help you also to keep your plant healthy. Just click on the link below to go directly to the former question.

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Answer #2 · Teddi Stark's Answer · Thank you so much! I'll give the scratch-test a shot and see if I can't revive my poor tree. It's about 2.5 feet tall at the moment. again, thank you!)

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Teddi-Your very welcome. Remember this tree does like plenty of light. If kept in the house set it close to a window and turn it occassionally so all sides get equal amounts of light. Low light levels also cause wilting and browning of the leaves. Good Luck

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