Pruning Beauty Berry Bushes

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Are you supposed to prune beauty berry bushes, if so, how?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Kathryn-If one prefers their Beautyberry to grow naturally it will need little to no pruning. Pruning can help to make this plant even more beautiful. Pruning in early spring before new growth will help to make a thicker more lush appearing shrub. Some like the more open, graceful, or weeping appearance therefore pruning very little or not at all.

If you feel your plant needs some light trimming you can prune back branches that extend beyond the desired shape or size you want. Don't be afraid to pune as this plant will except light or heavy pruning and recovers quickly. Cut out any dead, dying or unruly branches with pruning shears. If the plant is older and has a lot of crowding limbs in the center it would be helpful to remove some in order to alow more light and air circulation to the center of the plant. If you feel your plant has gotten somewhat out of control or has become ragged looking it can be pruned severely right before new growth begins in the spring. If new growth has started it can still be pruned, but may lessen the flowering and fruit for this year. Severe pruning to control size or refresh an older plant can be done by cutting it back to within 4 to 6 inches of the ground. Larger stems may have to be cut using loppers or a pruning saw. The Beautyberry is fast growing and this severe pruning won't keep it from becoming a large rounded shrub with many long shoots by mid summer. I'm assuming you have a variety that can grow to 10 feet, but the smaller varieties can also be pruned as I have stated. Hope this helps. If you need any more help let us know.)

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