Tri-Color Sweet Potato Vine

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When my tri-color sweet potato vine dies down for the winter, it comes back green-no tri-color. How do I make it come back tri-color?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Marian-The tri color sweet potato vine will many times revert back to the original, mother, plant green color when used as a perennial. Evidently their hybred generic make-up isn't strong enough to hold its varied colors year after year as varieties such as Blackie and Marguerite. You will have to purchase new plants and use as annuals each year. You can take cutting to root and overwinter them indoors and plant out in the spring after the last frost. I should note though; that most ornamental sweet potato vines are patented and by propagating them you're actually breaking the law. Most sweet potato vines are readily available in the garden centers and are fairly inexpensive to use as annuals.

Hope this answered your question.)

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