Yellow Leaves On Indigo Plant

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I have an indigo plant in a container which has don great for 2 years and this year it was doing great. I did the usual fertilizing with organic fertilizer and watered it and then a week later I noticed the leaves are turning yellow on most of the plant. Starting with the tips of the leaves and moving throughout the rest of the leaf. Have you ever heard of this and what do you suggest to treat it? This has been an excellent container plant with virtually no care. It loves it where it is.

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Answer #1 · Lauren Stier's Answer · Sounds like the roots might be getting root bound which would starve off the plant. A way top check is to slide a popcicle stick down the edge of the pot and if it is hard to slide down then it might be root bound. Indigo plants love well drained loamy soil and if the roots are tightly packed it will be undernurshed.)

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Yogi O'Leary

Yogi O'Leary · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
Thanks so much for your quick response. I suspected that it may be root bound. I will do the popsicle stick test and go from there.

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