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Do you think it would be a good idea to have a library section where gardening books could be uploaded and downloaded for members to use?

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Lauren-A library of books pertaining to all facits of gardening and landscaping may be extremely useful to many. Becuse of the internet and the easily acquired information at many large book stores today this added to Gardenality may be an addition used very little for some of us members. This of course may be different for those who don't have easy access to this type of material. For me personally it would somewhat take away the personal aspect that Gardenality was founded on; a web sit for gardeners by gardeners. This aspect of gardening has been extremely valuable to me. Through all my years of gardening the information acquired through books and articles scientifically based was never as valuable as the information gained by other gardener's practical experiences in their gardening.

Books on gardening are easily obtained through the internet and most all nurseries and garden centers I visit often. The personal experiences pertaining to the knowledge I have gained and the joy of sharing my gardens and seeing what others are doing in theirs can only be experienced through a site like Gardenality. I also have not found another gardening site as valuable a gardening tool and as fun as this site is. Lauren, if these books were readily available to all members you and I would not longer meet other gardeners through the fun and gaining knowledge in answering their questions. Just kidding.

Your question is a great one and I am interested in hearing the opinions of others also.

Take Care - John)

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Lauren - A Gardenality Library for downloading gardening-related books sounds like an excellent idea! Authors might want to charge a fee for downloading but I'm sure there's much free material out there as well. I'll forward this idea along to Team Gardenality and we'll see if we can't find a way to make this happen. Thanks for the suggestion! - Brent)

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