How To Control Squirrels In My Garden

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How can I control these pest in my garden?

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Joseph - Controlling squirrels is a tough one. My home is surrounded by oak and pecan trees, so you can imagine how many squirrels are running around. I don't do much to control them other than attempting to keep them out of the yard by throwing ears of dried corn and bird seed in the woods on the side of my property. I also gather up as many pecans as I can and put these off to the side of the yard as well. To a degree, this seems to keep them out of the back yard and my vegetable garden. The main problem we have with them occurs in spring. During the winter, they bury pecans and acorns in our container gardens and throughout our landscape and garden beds. Then, during spring, they come back to retrieve what they buried and leave a mess beside some of the pots on our deck and porch. This digging usually ends once we've switched the winter flowers out with the spring flowers and replace the soil in the containers. The holes in the garden beds don't bother me too much. At least they don't eat my plants like the rabbits and deer do.

If you're feeding the birds, you're probably feeding the squirrels as well. I have several bird feeders but they all are placed on the side of the property. Squirrel proof bird feeders are an option and eventually the squirrels will give up and go elsewhere.

There are also repellents. Animal and rodent repellents that contain capsicum (hot pepper), garlic, and dried blood are effective to keep squirrels out of certain areas, such as a vegetable garden. To cover the entire yard might get expensive though.

If squirrels become a real major problem, you can get a Have-A-Heart box trap. This way you can trap them and take them off to a wooded area, local park...or to your enemies yard down the street:-)

Good luck getting control of the squirrels. Hope this info was helpful,

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Answer #2 · Bill Anton's Answer · I live in Florida, near Tampa. I tried capsicum and garlic to control squirrels and they loved the stuff. Seemed to grow bigger from eating it. My only solution is to feed the squirrels corn to keep them out of my squirrel-proof (not) bird feeders. They are endlessly inventive and are seemingly not deterred by any obstacles we put in their way.

Good luck anyway.)

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That's basically what I do as well. Feed them corn off to the side of the property to get them in the habit of staying there and out of the rest of the yard.

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