How Wide And Deep Is Root System Of Red Bud

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How wide and deep is the root system of a red bud tree?

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Oscar-Tracee is right that the Redbud has a tap root that can go quite deep if soil type and conditions are right. This is why the Redbuds are considered extremely stable in inclement weather for a smaller tree. Their surface roots can extent at least as far as its canopy is wide (10' to 15'. They have shallow surface roots that are thin and not considered invasive or agressive. This small tree can be planted near patios, decks, and foundations without problems. As far as the tape root causing any problems; all trees are opportunistic and will, if exposed to the water provided by a leaking pipe, exploit this resource. A distance of 15' to 20' from septic tanks, perferated dainage systems etc. would be wise.


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Answer #4 · Maple Tree's Answer · Oscar-Your very welcome. Remember, Gardenality has many articles that can help you with many aspects of landscaping and gardening. If or when you decide to plant your Redbud or if you already have one, a few articles as I have listed below may be interesting to you. Just click on the links to go directly to the article. If you haven't already you can also click on the 'Plants' tab above and search for other information on the Redbud or many other plants that will be noted with their pictures on their plant files.

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Answer #1 · Tracee Wargo's Answer · Not sure on exact dimensions, but I do know that Redbuds have tap roots... they are strong trees with deep root systems which makes them very resistant to storm, ice and wind damage.)

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Tracee Wargo

Tracee Wargo · Gardenality Sprout · Zone 5B · -15° to -10° F
Just found this online Oscar: "Rooting Habit- Redbud develops a deep taproot that descends rapidly the first few years if the soil permits. Initial growth depends on soil moisture and the absence of a tight clay subsoil. If impenetrable subsoils are present the taproot grows horizontally. Secondary roots appear when the taproot is 5 to 8 cm (2 to 3 in) long and grow rapidly."

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Answer #5 · Tracee Wargo's Answer · So glad to help - and LOVED reading Johns informative response! This site is incredible... knowledge comes by asking questions and seeking answers - you're doing it.. 2 green thumbs waaay up!)

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Answer #3 · Oscar Lee's Answer · Thanks to everyone of you for the quick response, and the much appreciated feedback. All of you are amazing with your professional advise. Thanks again!)

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