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How can I undo my plant entry? I made a mistake, this is a Moonglow Juniper wich is has already been planted by somebody else.
I' sorry
Elizabeth Dobay

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Elizabeth - No problem here at all. Since we didn't have the Blue Surprise Cypress in the plant files on Gardenality, we'll just leave it up. I've already deleted the images you uploaded of the Blue Surprise Cypress file and now you can upload these to the Moonglow Juniper plant file if you like. Even had you made a duplicate plant file for the Moonglow Juniper we could have simply changed the plant name and redone the edits. That's the great thing about Gardenality Plant's almost impossible to make a mistake that cannot be easily corrected...which really means there is no real or lasting mistake.

Since you are a member of Gardenality, you can make changes to correct or add to any plant file...whether it be a plant file you created or another member created. Your edits will not go live until they get a total of 40 voting points from other members. I and several others who have 40 voting points usually check all new edits so they get approved rather quickly.

Only thing that can't be changed at this point is that your name will appear as the original "Planter" of the Blue Surprise Cypress. But creating this plant file scored you some good points and you might have even moved up a rank in Gardenality and earned some more voting points to approve edits:-) If you're not familiar with the member ranking system and voting points, and want to learn more about how they work, here's a good article that explains it:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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