How And When To Prune Gold Mop Cypress

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How is the best way to prune these conifers and what time is the year best? Would it need to be done in Dec., Jan., Feb in zone 7? Thanks!

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Great answer John;-)

Christie - In Zone 7 you would prune Gold Mop Cypress in late February or early March...before new growth starts to emerge.)

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Christie-The best time to prune your Gold Mop Cypress is March (late winter or early spring) before new growth apears.

Here is a good answer to your pruning question that Brent Wilson had given others regarding their Gold Mop Cypress.

To prevent Chamaecyparis and other Cypress Family conifers (including some others with fan-like needles, like Arborvitae and juniper), from getting too big and bulky, you can gently head the branches back occasionally. This means snipping off just some of the ambitious tips where the spray-like flattened needles fork, telling the plant gently to redirect its growth into fullness rather than elongation. NOTE: Never cut back into old wood on a Chamaecyparis or the others mentioned here. These conifers don't respond well to heavy pruning (removal of more than four to six inches foliage.) As mentioned previously, never cut back into old wood on Gold Mop Cypress or any other Chamaecyparis and other Cypress Family conifers.

Please ask if you have any other questions.

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