Are My Blue Holly Shrubs Dead?

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I have 5 blue princess holy bushes, male and female. two of them look ok the other lots most of there leaves. they are planted close to my house and have a lot of drainage.
I might not of watered them enough there first year. Had 100`s of birds last winter eating the berries. do you think I should prunes the 3 bad ones to see if they are still alive?


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Answer #2 · Paul Blanchette's Answer · thank you for your help. These might be harder to care for than I expected


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Hollies are usually very easy to care for. Light pruning and fertilization are usually all that is necessary. It's rare for Hollies to have problems. I'm curious as to why only 3 of the bushes are effected. If it was lack of water all of them should have suffered equally. Could be dieback, a disease that attacks the branches. Knots form along the branches that constrict the flow of water and nutrients to the outer branching. Dieback will spread to other branches and even other nearby plants. Pruning is the only cure for dieback, and thats if you catch it soon enough. Dieback is visible to the eye. Look along the branches to see if you can locate knotted areas. The knotted areas are usually at a point where the branch and foliage turns from green to brown.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Paul,

You can check to see if the Holly bushes are still alive by scraping back a little bit of the bark to see if it's still green on the inside. Using a knife or something with a sharp edge lightly scrape back a small area of the bark. Start by checking the outer tips of the branches. If the bark is still green out to the tips of the branches give them a little time to put out new leaves. You can also fertilize with a light application of fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are best for plants going through stress. Something like Milorganite, Dynamite Organic, or Espoma Holly Tone would be advisable. A light pruning should promote new growth. If the bark is brown the plant may be on it's way out and you might want to replace them. If the bark at some point goes from brown to green prune the plant back to the point where it is green. Wait to see if the plant puts out new growth. If several weeks go by and there's no sign of new growth the plant may not make it.

Hope this helps you.

Brooks Wislon)

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Answer #3 · Paul Blanchette's Answer · Ok I will check this out. I`m in the wonderful world of rain. so when the sun shines I`ll will check them out
thank you


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