Foliage Turning Yellowish Green On Blue Spruce Sedum

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My blue spruce sedum stem s turning dark brown from the base of the plant making the tops a yellowish green and not healthy.
These are my questions:

What if any is the decease and how do I treat it and with what? Is it possible to save the infected part or will it spread to the good part. HELP HELP HELP. PLEASE

The effected part is in the middle of 25 ' long 16 ' narrow strip of blue spruce. The effected part is in the middle for about 6 ' long - the rest looks pretty healthy.

After blooming does healthy plants change in color?

I would appreciate guidance or if you have a website pass that on too. I have looked everywhere on the web but no real description to address this problem.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Dee - Without seeing the plant or planting, my first guess would be that there is too much moisture around the roots in this area of the sedum. Poorly draining soil is usually what leads to fungal and other diseases. How long has this sedum been growing in this area?

It could be an insect problem. Aphids and mealybug visit this plant. Mealybug are larger white colored insects that are easy to identify. Aphids on the other hand would be hardy to see, especially on blue-green colored succulent foliage. Have you looked closely to see if there are any insects present?

Only other thing I can think of is powdery mildew. Do the discolored areas of foliage look like they have a white film or powder on them?

If it is an insect or mildew problem you can spray the plants with Neem oil. If it's a soil drainage problem steps would have to be taken to improve drainage.

Hope this answer was helpful and let me know if you have any further questions. Feel free to upload a picture to this question and I'll take a look at the plants. To upload a picture click on the Upload A Picture link to the right of where your name appears in your question above.


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